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If you’re on the search for that perfect cup of coffee, look no further. The BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer creates a deliciously smooth coffee concentrate employing a unique drip method.

BeanPlus allows you to choose your favorite coffee beans and make your own coffee creation from the comfort of your home.

Using ice cold or room temperature water, its patented slow drip valve meticulously sprinkles the water evenly over your coffee grounds at a constant rate. Because of its slow drip, the brewer requires much less coffee grounds than a regular coffee maker.

Crafted with a non-clogging mechanism and built-in water filtration system makes it the most hygienic coffee brewer out there. Its seamless air-tight design inhibits outside particles from contaminating your brew all the while maintaining consistent temperature within the machine. Even better, it requires absolutely NO electricity to use.

It’s simple to set up and even easier to use taking as little as four hours to brew you a delicious cup of cold brew. Brew at home, in your office, take it camping, or even enjoy on a picnic with your family!

Make mouthwatering Americano, café lattes, affogato, cappuccino, or even use the brewer to craft a wonderful cup of tea!