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BitBite is a revolutionary wearable device meant to track, analyze and change the way you eat. When you slow down, chew more and eat at regular intervals you’ll be improving your nutrition, feel better and shed those extra pounds.


The BitBite ear clip is worn in the ear every time you eat. Contains a microphone and additional sensors that record and perform initial processing of the incoming sounds.

The BitBite smartphone app is the gateway between the ear clip and the cloud, reporting essential diet information and feedback to the user.

BitBite Cloud is our cloud-based server for processing and analyzing the user’s data including the sounds of consumption, analyzing eating habits, triggering real-time data.


BitBite is the first, pro-active, positive-reinforcement, technological weight-loss device to monitor and provide important eating and weight loss recommendations and reminders. Use BitBite whenever and wherever you eat, snack or drink.