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CinniBird Spice Pen – White

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CinniBird is the first and only kitchen gadget designed to make creative messages and drawings with all-natural materials found in food, such as cinnamon, instant cocoa powder, Hungarian paprika, ground parsley, ground sugar, and more. CinniBird offers a great way to surprise loved ones with a thoughtful message written in their favorite spice, and it’s perfect for adding a little extra ‘spice’ to parties and gatherings.

CinniBird is simple to operate and requires little maintenance, which means that anyone can use it. You just fill it with ground material, press the button, and draw! Latte art has never been so fun or so easy, and children will never tire of drawing with Cinnibird, as they will be able to make a beautiful decoration for any occasion. Food presentation becomes more popular as CinniBird makes it very easy to create wonderful drawings on any surface.