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The World’s first Apple licensed dual connector. The evolution of the cable. 1 key for all your devices.

Small, light-weight and flexible, this handy phone accessory is an essential for any mobile phone user. The combination of the MFI certified Apple lightning connecter and the Micro-USB port give the Echo Connect Plus the ability to charge almost any electrical device.


Carry it always with you. In your pocket, on your keys or in your purse. The same size as a small door key, you’ll never leave home without it


Don’t worry about breaking your cable. Use it and abuse it, it’ll last. With it’s new upgraded connectors and re-inforcements, it’s built for life.

MFI Certified

The world’s first Apple licensed dual connector. Charge your smartphone, android, iPhone, tablets, and more with one device






PowerConnect Mini Apple LightningPowerConnect Mini (Lightning)







PowerConnect Mini Micro-USBPowerConnect Mini (Micro-USB)







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