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What is innovation top ?

It is a place where we present all kinds of positively completed crowdfunding projects. Our collection also includes independent projects and the most interesting innovative products.

What are our goals ?

Our goal is to allow access to buy directly from the manufacturer, or redirect to a place where the product can be bought as cheaply as possible, avoiding the commission.

How to order ?

You will be redirected to the target manufacturer or an online store where the sale is conducted.

How to add a product ?

In order to add the product, please fill out the form “help/add product.

Can one seller add more products ?

Yes, but every product must meet the criteria of innovationtop.

Are there any fees for selling ?

Our website is free, we do not charge any fees and commissions.

Can all products be sold ?

No, only new innovative projects are found here. Products that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted.

Is it possible to add a product that is not yet on sale?


How long is the product for sale displayed ?

The product will be in the database without limited time.

What does Pre-order mean ?

This is an order placed for an item that has not been produced. You have the opportunity to reserve your copy before its release.

What is Crowdfunding ?

It is a form of financing all sorts of projects by the community.