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XUAN is a smart home controller that speaks to all your smart devices and stacks all your apps driven IoT Hub (Gateway). It is easy to use. It is expandable. It inter-connects your devices together. It doesn’t need new hardware to support new services and devices.

XUAN is an Open Source and welcome the creative communities of 3rd-party developers, makers, designers and enthusiasts to take part in creating new applications.

XUAN – Compatible Technologies, Devices and Services


Supported Apps


Apps Market (Default)

The XUAN Apps Market includes apps developed by Cloud Media and other third-party developers. The apps expand features and services provided by the Automation app and the underlying open developer SDK.


Setup (Default)

Setup consists of a setup wizard to get your XUAN Box running quickly, and also allows users to change advanced system settings.


Automation (Default)

Even made life easier and hassle free, Automation allows users to automate your smart devices under certain conditions.


Device Manager

Device management made easy. It allows users to discover, add and control smart device under your fingertips.


The XUAN is there to make all your Things Smart!.