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LUMINNO GlowaSwitch is the light switch plate reinvented. It offers some of the most striking functional innovations to the ubiquitous household fixture since the toggle wall switch was invented in 1916.

LUMINNO GlowaSwitch, a luminescent light switch plate, not only acts as an aid for anyone trying to locate a light switch in the dark, but it’s also specially made to insulate the switch from air leaks.

GlowaSwitch’s purpose-driven design takes into account both aesthetics and function. Made of state-of-the-art, long-persistence photoluminescent plastic ensures that it remains illuminated throughout the entire night. Its jade-like, translucent appearance is pleasing to the eyes and also facilitates light transmission through the entire piece for maximum charging potential. A unique, convex form facilitates omnidirectional visibility.
Every GlowaSwitch is paired with a fire-retardant white foam sealer gasket which insulates the switch receptacle and reflects light to optimize the glowing effect.