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Designed by London based design studio Two at Six the PUCKPUCK was born from a desire to create an affordable, portable cold brew system that doesn’t compromise on taste.

The PUCKPUCK is a simple pocketable attachments for the Aeropress coffee maker allowing you to produce high quality cold brew coffee at the fraction of the price of existing systems.

Simple to set up, with its patent pending twist valve, the PUCKPUCK slowly
drips water through a bed of coffee over a period of 2-3 hours. The result is
a beautifully smooth, ready to drink cold brew coffee.

The PUCKPUCK also works with leading brand mineral water bottles, allowing you to setup a cold brew system wherever you travel making it the first truly pocketable cold brew system.

For home use we have also created the VESSEL which holds 500ml of water and works with the PUCKPUCK to deliver a more holistic system designed to look good on your worktop.