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The Sesame Phone is the world’s first completely touch-free smartphone, designed by and for people with disabilities.


Touch-Free Control

Gesture recognition understands small head movements, eliminating the need for touch


Integrated Voice Control

Use your voice to turn on/off the phone or switch between applications


Download Apps

Touch-free interface extends to nearly any app from the Google Play store


Works Out of the Box

Works touch-free immediately, no additional set-up required


Lightweight Mobile Design

The Sesame smartphone uses Google Nexus 5 for the hardware


Affordable & Elegant

No external hardware required


The Sesame phone works by tracking the user’s head movements using the built-in, front-facing camera on the phone. These tracked movements are combined with cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to create a cursor that appears on the screen of the phone, similar to a cursor you would see on a computer screen.

The on-screen cursor is controlled by the position and movements of a user’s head, and supports even minimal movements. You can operate any and all features of the device that you would normally operate using one finger on screen. Touch, swipe, browse, play, download, and more – it’s all possible using the Sesame smartphone.

Voice control is integrated to provide a truly hands-free experience for accessing the device. To turn the phone just say “Open Sesame” and it will wake up and start tracking you.