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Souschef is a multipurpose kitchen counter top device that assists you in cooking. The device can store up to 12 ingredients (fine to coarse) and dispense them automatically with high precision based on the recipes configured by you. This eliminates the problem of clutter and accidents on the kitchen platform with measuring spoons, weighing scales and numerous jars of ingredients.
The novel design has a high quality wooden board which can be used for chopping as well as weighing ingredients such as meat. The simple user interface is designed to pre-store some common recipes and have the flexibility to accommodate user configured ones as well. You will simply have to select the recipe you wish to make and Souschef will dispense the necessary ingredients in the right order and quantity. With precision to the last gram, you can now achieve high consistency in your cooking and taste. Souschef is currently live on Indiegogo at an early bird price of $199 with limited stock.