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Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures are a revolution in footwear. Imagine slipping into your shoes as if there were no laces at all. Imagine securing your laces with a simple click. Imagine removing your shoes handsfree. Imagine no double knots, floppy bows, or laces coming undone. Applying magnets to your shoes changes everything. Zubits are better than Velcro.

The benefits of Zubits™ go way beyond being just another “no-tie” shoelace solution. Our patent pending magnetic innovation makes putting on and taking off lace-up shoes faster and easier than ever before. Never tie laces again and never squeeze into or out of shoes. Just attach Zubits magnetic closures to your own shoelaces (on sneakers or casual shoes) and let the magnets do the “tying”. When the magnets are separated it’s as if three rows of shoelaces have disappeared. You can now easily slip into your shoes and click the magnets together. Then after a run, or a day at the office, just step on the heel of your shoe (as we all do anyways), lift your foot, and the magnets pop open hands-free. After the magnets split apart you have that wide open shoe again with no knots to untie later. Furthermore, Zubits make your shoes look better by eliminating the messy bows and giving you a clean looking shoe. (shoe ads never display shoes with bows) Furthermore, Zubits can be relaced onto all your future shoes!

Go for a run, jump around in gym class, play recreational sports. Zubits are engineered to multiply magnetic forces and bind together with up to 18lbs of force! But Zubits are still easy enough to pop off hands-free by a forceful step on the heel, because that simple motion generates a lot of force. (Ever squeezed out of knotted shoes before?) With Zubits, that’s the right way to do it. Zubits closures also come in three sizes to match the size and activity of various users and currently come in six colors. Zubits also include convenient Lace Anchors® that will help you secure your shoelace ends inside your shoe.

Zubits would not work with even the strongest Neodymium magnets alone. A ton of innovation has been put into getting our magnets to perform in specific specialized ways using “magnetic arrays” and “directed magnetic flux”. Zubits are a lot more expensive to manufacture then one would assume because of the multiple magnets and materials inside. But this technology is functionally necessary in order to…

• Concentrate and multiply magnetic forces toward one face of the magnets for maximum strength in a small size.
• Greatly diminish the magnetism around the non-binding sides of the Zubits so nails won’t stick to the outside.
• Self-align every time.
• Generate lateral holding forces so the Zubits don’t slide appart laterally.
• Be entirely protected from external elements and water.